NMRViewJ Archive

We strongly encourage commercial organizations, and users that have grant funding for their NMR research, to purchase a contract to use NMRViewJ. Development and support of NMRViewJ takes considerable time, and contract purchases makes this possible. If you don't have a purchased contract for the use of NMRViewJ you can use it for free with our

Demonstration and Unsupported Use License.

Note that commercial licenses will activate additional features in the software.

Important The new release (9.1.b50) contains a whole set of new multi-key bindings that replace the old single key bindings. The new ones were supposed to be off by default, but appears that for some users they are not. You can turn them off by going to the Preferences dialog and deselecting “Extra Key Bindings” in the Spectra section. (or check the manual for information on the new ones)


2 August 2016: New Versions of NMRView, dataChord Spectrum Miner and Analyst, and NvFX

New Google Groups for NMRViewJ and NMRFx Processor

Our first publication on NMRFx appears at the Journal of Biomolecular NMR