NMRViewJ can be used without purchasing an annual subscription as we provide an unsuported/demonstration license (available from the Download page) that can be renewed repeatedly. However, we strongly encourage commercial entities, and non-profit groups with reasonable levels of funding, to purchase a subscription. Paid licenses will also activate some additional features in the software.

All prices are for annual subscription fees in US dollars. Check out our Prices page for more information on pricing.

Users Price Select Item
1 $ NVJS-Sngl-Ac
2 $ NVJS-2Usr-Ac
3 $ NVJS-3Usr-Ac
4 $ NVJS-4Usr-Ac
5 $ NVJS-5Usr-Ac
6 $ NVJS-6Usr-Ac
8 $ NVJS-8Usr-Ac
Department $ NVJS-Dept-Ac

On-line credit card purchases are temporarily disabled as we switch credit card processors. Contact us for information on how to purchase via credit cart.